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Today we will be celebrating Chocolate Eclair Day which is Wednesday, June 22nd. I am not sure what I fell in love with more... this beautiful DIY dress or the Chocolate Eclair's! I can't express to you how easy this dress is to make, plus it's perfect for the Summer! You can add a pop of color to dress it up or wear delicate silver and gold jewelry to bring it down a level! Honestly I would love to wear some neon pink tights and knee boots with this baby! Who's ready to see how to make it... Let's go!

What you need:

- White Cotton Dress
- Masking tape
- Freezer paper or paper towels
- Plastic tablecloth
-Lot's of LOVE

I will not lie, this technique is really as easy as it looks. Make sure your cotton is clean and wrinkle free, then run strips of tape across your dress in whatever direction your heart desires. Press along all edges of the tape to seal it really good! When you are done with the tape process spray a light coat of color over the dress and let it dry for a few minutes then repeat until you have your desired color. Allow the dress to dry then remove the strips of tape.

Tip: Applying several light coats of color versus one heavy coat helps prevent color from bleeding under the tape. Trust me you don't want this to happen!

I hope you enjoyed this project! 
It's so much fun using this product and it looks so professional in the end.  Have fun friends and don't forget to eat chocolate today! 
Reference model as Katie Oxman of @katherinealice

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