Picture of Summer Sunset Ombre Skirt

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Summer Sunset Ombre Skirt

There’s nothing quite like a summer sunset … capture the vibrant colors of a setting sun with Tulip® One-Step Fashion Dye™! Just add water and splash onto a plain skirt and you’re wardrobe is set for summer!


  1. Prewash skirt to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener.
  2. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth. Lay damp skirt on prepared surface.
  3. Wearing plastic gloves, add water to dye bottles to lines indicated on bottle. Replace caps tightly and shake until dye is dissolved.
  4. Squeeze Brown dye on the top portion of skirt, Fuchsia in the center section and Orange on the bottom section. Refer to photo.
  5. Cover fabric with plastic tablecloth and let sit 4 to 6 hours. Wash in a large load of water with a small amount of laundry soap and dry in dryer.


  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Skirt – 100% cotton

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