Picture of Tulip® One-Step Spray Dye Kit™ 7 Pack

Tulip® One-Step Spray Dye Kit™ 7 Pack

Tulip® One-Step Spray Dye gives you another easy way to tie dye! Each dye color comes prepackaged in individual spray bottles so all you have to do is add water before spraying on bold, beautiful color that lasts wash after wash. The spray nozzle makes it great for masking, shibori, ombre and other techniques that require more control when applying dye. Innovation, premium quality and ease of use make Tulip One-Step Tie Dye "America's Favorite Tie Dye"!

This Spray Dye Kit contains 7 bottles of dye with spray tops, dye tools and an easy-to-follow technique guide. Each spray bottle comes equipped with a spray nozzle that coordinates with the color inside for easy color determination.

Dyes up to 21 projects.





How to Use
Shipping and Returns

1. Wearing protective gloves, remove spray nozzle from dye bottle.
2. Add WARM water to bottle, filling to line. Replace nozzle tightly and shake bottle for at least one minute to make sure all dye is completely dissolved before spraying. Note: Spray nozzle will not function properly if dye is not completely dissolved. Use full-strength for intense colors; for a lighter shade of color, add more water.
3. Unlock spray nozzle by twisting plastic tab on nozzle. Spray dye onto fabric within 24 hours of mixing for best color concentration. Dye left unapplied after 24 hours will begin to lose concentration and will result in noticeably weaker color intensity. Do not add water to dye until you are prepared to apply it. Do not over saturate fabric. If dye colors are applied too close together, the colors may become muddy. 
5. For refill packets, after dye in bottle has been used, rinse out bottle, open dye packet while wearing protective gloves, pour dye powder into bottle and continue with instructions listed above to mix and use.
4. Cover dyed fabric with plastic to keep damp. Let set 6 to 8 hours or longer for most intense colors.
5. Rinse well under warm running water until excess dye is removed. Remove rubber bands or zip ties if used. Wash separately in a large load of hottest water suitable for fabric and a small amount of laundry soap. Dry separately. Wash and dry separately for the first few washes.

Keep in mind, these dyes are PERMANENT so always make sure to cover your work surface and don’t wear clothes you don’t want to get dye on!

Unlock the locking mechanism located directly underneath the top portion of the spray nozzle by pulling in a clockwise direction.

Do not mix dye with water until ready to use. Apply dye within 24 hours of mixing for best color concentration. Dye left unapplied after 24 hours will begin to lose concentration and will result in noticeably weaker color intensity.

Add warm to hot water to bottle, replace nozzle and shake for at least 1 minute to make sure all dye is dissolved.

Remember, dye dissolves best in warm to hot water, so check water to make sure it’s warm enough before adding to the bottle.

Dye that is not fully dissolved can clog and ruin the spray nozzle and negatively affect the spray pattern.

To clear a clogged spray nozzle, soak in warm water, testing nozzle periodically until clear of powder particles.

Always test spray dye on scratch paper or an old newspaper before starting your project.

Our One-Step Dye process eliminates the need to presoak your fabrics in soda ash; simply add water, shake and begin!

One-Step Spray Dye can be used on both wet OR dry fabrics for a variety of techniques.

For a smoother blend when doing the ombré technique, make sure fabric is damp and use a spray bottle full of water to help blend and fade dye as you add color.

Spray Dye works great for achieving a crisp design with the crumple technique.

Spray over stencils, painter’s tape and lace swatches or doilies on dry fabric for cool masking techniques.

Dyes can be mixed to create new colors.

Do not allowed dyed fabrics to rest wet on other items.

Wash dyed fabrics separately from other laundry for the first few washes, as some color may initially bleed out into the wash water.

Shipping & Returns Policy

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Upon receipt of the above, your claim will be processed and should take about two weeks to complete. 

1.  Once the company receives the returned product, it will determine if the product is defective.

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