Autumn Beauty -- The Sunflower

Designed and Created by Arlene Smith

In this course, you will learn to paint beautiful blended sunflowers using the majolica technique with Duncan® True Matte Pastels™ and Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes. Increase your skills while learning to multi-load, blend and shade. 

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Butterfly Wings

Designed and Created by David Hoff

Your creativity will take flight while blending, shading and brushing with Duncan® Concepts Underglazes. Next, the metamorphosis is only complete when you finish the piece with the unique, raised Duncan® French Dimensions™ accents.

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Sapphire, Shimmer & Metallic Magic

Create a dramatic and elegant statement piece for your home with the rich luster of Duncan® Metallic Glazes paired with the soft sparkle of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes™. 

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Sheer Elegance

Designed and Created by Pat Hinz

Impress your friends with this unique piece! You'll learn how to create special effects by applying glazes of multiple sheens using Duncan® Satin Glazes™, Duncan® Envision Glazes and Duncan® Metallic Glazes.

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Designed and Created by Jan Dietman

No passport required! Take a trip to Tuscany while learning new, fun design techniques. Start by building a raised brick wall using Duncan® Fired Snow. Then, use silk leaves or real leaves to create beautiful grapevine accents.

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Vineyard Window

Designed and Created by Jan Deitman

Create your own window overlooking beautiful wine country. Use Duncan® Fired Snow to add a textured, architectural element that gives this piece a unique look and feel. Duncan® Concepts Underglazes provide the colorful landscape details.

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