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I love to organize my jewelry and accessories. It's kinda a personal obsession of mine!  I have been seeing cute jewelry frame organizers all over Pinterest and knew I needed to make one for my little trinkets!  Here's what I did!

Grab your supplies:

– Wooden frame (I purchase mine at the craft store)
– Striped burlap fabric
– Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Adhesive
– Small trinkets like mini bottles, clothespins, thumbtacks and old earrings
– Scissors
– Wire cutters

I first opened up my frame and cut the burlap to the size of the backing of my frame.

Next up, I used my pliers and wire cutters to snip off the back of a set of old earrings!

I added a dab of the Liquid Fusion Adhesive to the back of my thumbtack and glued on the old earring for a custom thumbtack!

I added additional trims, rosettes, and chains around the frame for a fun embellishment.

I added some glue to the back of my mini bottles for a mini flower holder!  As you can see the adhesive works great on both metal and glass!

And here's the finished result!  I thumbtacked some cute tassel charms and a bracelet to the burlap part, and I clipped happy little notes and pics using the clothespins. I love how cute all my little trinkets look on my dresser now! By the way, there's no rules to this, so make it your own with your own charms and accessories!

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March 17, 2015

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