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Vintage Luggage Clock

Transform an antique suitcase into a vintage clock with Aleene's Crystal Clear Tacky Spray, then embellish with antique keys for the finishing touch.


  1. Using any desired design from an old poster, newspaper, music book, etc., make a copy and size it to fit the front of the piece of luggage.
  2. Cover work surface with old newspaper or plastic to protect from overspray. Use this area for all spraying of glue.
  3. Spray the back of the copy and place on the front of the luggage. This will make the face for the clock.
  4. Mark the center of the front and use the gasket from the clock kit to make sure the circle will be snug around the stem. Cut the circle out with a craft knife. Following the package directions, insert the clock stem and reassemble leaving the hands off until finished.
  5. Using numbers, made from several materials: plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, wood, plastic or cardstock, arrange on the front until desired design is achieved. NOTE: the numbers may be painted, stained, inked or distressed as desired. Take one number at a time and spray the back with Tacky Spray at the spray area set up earlier. Place back down on the front clock area and press with fingertips. After spraying attach immediately.
  6. Follow the same process for attaching the keys and add the smaller keys to the hands of the clock. Scatter other keys between the numbers.
  7. Printout desired words onto cardstock and cut to fit the nameplate. Spray the back and attach at the bottom.
  8. Attach clock hands.



  • Numbers – metal, plastic, cardboard, wood, paper etc.
  • Newspaper or plastic
  • Clockworks and hands
  • Scissors
  • Keys – small luggage keys or antique keys
  • Antique Luggage or small train case
  • Poster or interesting cover to book or music
  • Nameplate – metal
  • Craft knife

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