Picture of Walking Into Spider Webs T-shirt

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Walking Into Spider Webs T-shirt

Create an eerily creepy tee with the Tulip® Halloween Activity Kit™. Start with a traditional bullseye tie-dye technique and add fabric marker spiders and glow-in-the dark web details for a tee you can wear day and night!



1. Wash shirt and leave damp. Cover work surface with disposable plastic table cover.

2. Lay out shirt flat on covered work surface and smooth out wrinkles.

3. Tie shirt into a bullseye tie as shown in package instructions.

4. Mix dyes according to package instructions.

5. Dye center tied section of shirt Orange and the rest of shirt Black.

6. Cover dyed shirt with plastic table cover and let set 6-8 hours.

7. Remove ties and rinse shirt under running water to remove excess dye.

8. Wash and dry shirt as suggested in package instructions.

9. Insert shirt board into layers of tee.

10. Use black fabric marker from to draw abstract spider shapes on center portion of shirt. Let dry.

11. Use Glow dimensional paint to draw abstract spider webs around spiders. Let dry.

What you need:

Tulip® Fashion Art Tools


  • White 100% cotton T-shirt
  • Disposable plastic table cover

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