Watercolor Ballerina T-Shirt


I have to admit that I was really excited when Tulip came out with this set of Fabric Markers. 5 different sizes and tips all in black, so cool! One of my favorite things to do with fabric markers is to add water and create a watercolor effect. It’s so easy and I’m always so amazed at how once it’s dry it’s permanent. When I saw this set I knew immediately that I wanted to use them to create a beautiful sketched image. It’s so easy to create this watercolor effect, click through to see how.







step 1

Put your cardboard inside your t-shirt to give you a firm working surface and to keep your markers from bleeding through.


TIP: I found that using a non permanent spray adhesive, like Tulip’s stencil adhesive spray on the cardboard, helped to keep my t-shirt from shifting when I was drawing. This was a big help.


step 2

Using the smaller and medium sized markers, start drawing in your design.


Get a rough outline of your design.


step 3

Start filling in the larger areas using the medium and large markers.


step 4

Working in small areas add your marker and then immediately use your wet paintbrush to brush over the top of your marker to spread the ink out and get a watercolor effect.


Once your marker is dry it’s set and you won’t be able to add water to it to get this watercolor effect. 


When you are finished you can wash your t-shirt as you normally would. 


No time to make it now, Pin it for later!


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March 23, 2015

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