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Capture the whimsical effects of watercolor on fabric with Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers. This watercolor flower tote is perfect for keeping your spirit blooming year round, whether you're stocking up on produce at the farmer's market or catching a flick with friends. You can make it yourself easily with a set of Fabric Markers and supplies you already have around the house!

What you need:

Tulip Watercolor Fabric Markers

Tulip Fabric Markers Fine-Tip Black 2 Pack

- Light-colored canvas tote bag

- Rubbing alcohol

- Cardboard or heavy cardstock (cut to fit inside tote)

- Pencil (optional)

Make sure your tote is clean and ironed smooth. Place a piece of cardboard or heavy cardstock inside of tote to create a stable drawing surface and to prevent marker ink from soaking through to backside. Your marker kit comes with a dropper, which you will need for creating watercolor effects. Have some rubbing alcohol ready for when you start drawing your flowers on the tote.

Use desired colors of Watercolor Fabric Markers to create various-sized circles on the upper half of tote bag. Leave enough room to draw in long stems on the lower half of bag.

While marker ink is still wet, fill dropper with rubbing alcohol and add a few small drops of alcohol over each color circle to diffuse color and create watercolor effects. Tip: don't apply too much alcohol at once because your design could become too diluted. Let dry completely.

Use a black Fabric Marker to draw stems and leaves extending from flower designs to bottom of tote. If you're not comfortable drawing with a marker right off the bat, you can first use a pencil to lightly sketch in the stems, then trace over with the black marker. Let dry.

See how easy it is to create watercolor effects on fabric?! This watercolor flower tote is ready to join you on colorful new adventures!

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Published Date

August 16, 2019