Picture of World Love Tee

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World Love Tee

Show your worldly love with a statement tee! Make it your own with Scribbles® Permanent Fabric Markers and Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint.


  1. Prewash and dry shirt to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener.
  2. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth. Lay shirt on prepared surface, then insert Fashion Form™ between layers of shirt.
  3. Use Blue Scribbles® Permanent Fabric Marker™ to write “LOVE” in large block letters on front of tee. Place the “L” and “O” on one line and “V” and “E” underneath. Refer to photo.
  4. Draw continent shapes within “O” and color in space around continents for water. Color in each letter.
  5. Color in continents with Shamrock Green Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint. Let dry.
  6. Outline all letters and continents with Black Scribbles®. Let dry. Remove Fashion Form™.

What you need:

Tulip® Fashion Art Tools
Scribbles® Dual-Tip Fabric Markers


  • T-shirt – pink
  • Plastic tablecloth

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