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All-American Kid T-Shirt

Get the whole family in on the festivities this Fourth of July with wearables that are full of patriotic spirit! Stars and stripes are always a holiday favorite ... Create this shirt for your kids or yourself with a few simple supplies and Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint.

  1. Create star pattern on freezer paper. Using craft knife and cutting mat cut out star and make a stencil.
  2. Place star freezer paper stencil on the top left shoulder area of T-shirt. Iron into place.
  3. Create a square around the star with blue painter’s tape. Refer to photo for correct placement. 
  4. Building off the square, add a slanted/tilted rectangle to the bottom of the square.
  5. Add lines inside of rectangle with blue painter’s tape. To ensure that each line is spaced out equally, add a strip of painter’s tape, each one next to the other. When you have filled the space, remove every other strip. If needed, you can re-adjust square above to match spacing of rectangle.
  6. Cover all other exposed areas of the shirt. Spray with Snow. Repeat if needed. Allow to dry between each application and after final application.
  7. Cover the Snow sprayed lines with blue painter’s tape and all other areas of the shirt. Spray remaining exposed lines with Christmas Red.

What you need:

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  • Blue cotton T-shirt
  • Paper towels
  • Star pattern
  • Freezer paper
  • Pencil
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Iron
  • Painter's tape


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