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Snow and Ice Dyeing

With all the snow and ice that’s piled up in the Northeast and other parts of the country right now, we thought it was about time we put it to good use! Create unique and amazing colors and patterns with Snow and Ice Dyeing it’s a super easy and fun way to dye fabric. This would be a great project to do with kids. I really love this technique for dyeing. It creates some amazing color mixes and designs and it does all the work for you!  In the summer you can do this with ice cubes! I think this is my new favorite way to dye fabric!  

Snow or ice
Large plastic tub
There is a lot of dye included in the Tulip Tie Dye kits. I only used about half of what was in the bottles. I didn't need to use any of the dye from the packets.
step 1
Prepare your plastic tub. 
You don’t want to do this project in your sink since you will be waiting for your snow or ice to melt for the dye to set (and that can take awhile).
Place a metal screen or something in the bottom of your tub to keep your shirt from sitting in the dye as it melts. Try to keep it up at least an inch or two.
step 2
Get your shirt wet and tie it like you would for tie dye or just scrunch it up, which is what I did.
Place your shirt in your tub on your screen.
step 3
Cover your t-shirt with snow or ice.
The cat was so fascinated by the fact that I had snow in the house I couldn't get a picture without my little furry assistant!
step 4
Sprinkle your dye powder over your snow or ice.
Here’s where you can have some fun!
You can decide what colors you want where, just remember that as the snow or ice melts your colors will run into each other and mix. 
You can use this to your advantage and make greens, purples, oranges, browns… go crazy!
Even after the snow melted I left my t-shirt to sit overnight. I was concerned about the dye not setting because of the cold from the snow. But I was really surprised at how well the dye took.
Before I let it sit overnight I poured the dye from the bottom of my plastic tub out. I was concerned that the cat would get into it. That’s why you don’t see dye pooled in the bottom of my tub.
step 5
When your snow or ice is all melted take your t-shirt out of your tub and rinse with cold water until the water runs clear.
Wash in the washing machine to make sure all the dye is out.
Now, you can wear your t-shirt as is or cut it up and make something fabulous!
I cut up my t-shirt into a summery halter top. (I’m thinking ahead to summer!) This can be done very easily with or without sewing.
Your Ice dyed t-shirt
Needle & thread (or fabric glue if you don’t want to sew)
Studs or beads
step 1
Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface and draw straight lines across from the bottom of the arm holes to the center side of the neckband.
Find the center front at the base of the neckband and draw a straight line down about 5 ½ to 6 inches.
step 2
Following your lines cut off your sleeves and cut a straight line down the center front.
step 3
From where you cut your sleeves off and the center front measure in along the neckband about 1 ½ inches to 2 inches on either side and cut.
step 4
Pleat and pin the sides of your fronts under along the neckband.
step 5
Using your needle and thread carefully sew your pleats into place and then trim off any excess fabric.
You can also do this with fabric glue.
step 6
The studs I used had prongs on the back, since the fabric was too thick to push them through I folded the prongs over to make a flat back.
step 7
Using your Aleene’s Jewel-it glue add some drops of glue along the neckline where you want to add your studs or beads.
If you are using metal studs or metal backed stones you will want to wait about 10 minutes before adding them to your glue. This gives the glue time to set a bit so it will hold the metal better.
Let dry.
To see more fashion DIY tutorials, please check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom! Thanks!

4 Fun Ways to Stamp with your Veggies

To create art these days, you need not look further than to your Tulip Fashion art stash & your refrigerator! Yep, you can create some seriously fun designs using the veggies in your crisper drawer! Let me walk you through some cool ways to use these fun and creative stamps from your kitchen!

You know that pesky bottom of your celery stalk that you usually end up not eating?  Well, it makes for the coolest organic rosette design!  Simply sponge on the Tulip Soft Paint color of your choice to the bottom of the stalk, stamp off any excess on a paper towel, and then stamp your design on your shirt!  Simple and pretty rosette designs in minutes!
When your kid doesn't eat all their carrots for lunch, turn them into a stamp too!  Simply slice the tip of the carrot to be a flat surface and load it up with paint.  It becomes a fun organic polka dot ready to pounce on your fabric!
 Don't you hate it when your veggies are a little past their freshness date?  You now are giving them some new life (only unless it old gross lettuce, we don't think that would be fun to stamp with - HA!).  This corn-on-cob makes a cool abstact stripe pattern.  Simply cut off the corn to the design width you are wanting to work with, then stick a dowel or skewer in the end to turn the stamp with!  Use a foam brush to pounce on the colors  (we went for a fun rainbow design here).  Add an instant cool factor to a tote, shirt, or even a canvas to display on the wall!
Root vegetables make great stamps too.  Cut a beet or turnip in half and load them up with paint.  This is a great way to teach the kiddos an art and food learning lesson all in one.  And we could see this one being transformed into a heart shape too!

All these stamped vegetables are perfect for your fabric paint project!  Don't forget to pick up your Tulip Soft paint the next time you're out, so you can stamp up a fun new placemat set, tablerunner, t-shirt, tote, and more!  The ideas are endless. :)

Artful Office Chair Makeover

The look of my art room is constantly changing. I'm on this kick where I want everything to have purpose and meaning. So when it came to upgrading my office chair/workstation chair, I decided that instead of buying a new one, I would paint the one I have.

Think about it - our computer or art table chairs are where we create our magic. Why not, make over your chair so it is artful and bursting with your personality and creativity? Right?

Click below to see how I did this - it was easy, I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paints. Very vibrant with excellent coverage!


This is what I started with. Eee gads. It was ugly. But, the good thing is it is made of microfiber, perfect for fabric paint!


I pulled out my box of Tulip Soft Fabric Paints and brushes.


I didn't have to prime, I just went for it. Two coats worked perfectly.


I love bright colors, so I added green with the purple.


Almost done basecoating!


You can see how soft the paint is when it dries. It just kind of melts into the fabric.


Once it was all base coated, I had to add detail!


I used Aleene's Fabric Fusion to add applique designs. I also painted the arms with Tulip Soft Paint in Gold Glitter!
I wrote "have purpose" on the front of my chair to remind that everything I make or write is to have a good purpose to hopefully inspire others! Keep the creativity alive!
On the back of my chair, after I painted it, I affixed a glorious sequined applique to bring good energy - no more craft fails! Um, we'll have to see about that one!
I hope this inspires you to paint your own office chair - make it your own!

TIP: I suggest having a cushion to sit on because once you paint the fabric, it will be soft, but kind of like a light vinyl. I bought a Forever Comfy and made a fabric sleeve for it!

Create Your Own Creepers - A Shoes DIY

Recently I went to a birthday where a friend’s son had a pair of creepers. I was immediately reminded of the shoes of my teen years. If we were not in combat boots or skate shoes we were sporting a pair of creepers. The little wee pair was so cute I was determined Baxter would have a pair. Well I was determined I would make Baxter a pair.

– Black slip on shoes
– Crop-a-Dile
– Paint brush
– Puffy Paint Writer - Blue
– Tulip Soft Fabric Paint - Black and White
– Black Shoe Laces
First paint a white section on the toe of the black slip on shoes. This make take a couple of coats. Allow to dry completely.
Next using black paint add spots that mimic animal print. Allow to dry completely. Of course my daughter Tallulah had to have her own pair of shoes to paint. Bless the thrift store heavens that I found two pairs of the same shoe in two different sizes.
With blue paint outline the toe of the shoe and add faux upper (to give the illusion of a lace up shoe). Allow to dry completely.
Using a Crop-a-Dile punch 6 holes in each shoe.
Add black dress laces.
Baxter looks quite dapper in his new creepers!

Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Welcome to SPRING. Well, not really. In Louisiana one day it's 80 degrees and the next day it's freezing rain. What's going on mother nature! I figured everyone was tired of seeing winter crafts so I am bringing a little bit-o-spring strait to your beautiful eyes! I have been playing around with tie-dye and eggs lately and I wanted to show you this fun tie-dye technique. This craft is great for a group of adults to do or for your little kiddos. Let's get started!

You will need:
*Tulip 3 Color Tie-Dye Kit :  (Yellow,Turquoise, Fuchsia)
*Paper Towel
*Drying Rack
I simply love these colors. You know if you mix pink and yellow you get orange, blue and yellow make green and red and blue make purple. So you can get great colors with JUST these three!
Everything needed for this project are likely to already be in your cabinet. Besides the dye. 
If you are not familiar with the one step tie-dye, this is everything that comes in the packet. Super easy and convenient. 
When you get your bottles fill them with water to the black line. Shake till everything is dissolved and voila. 
The first step is to add a little vinegar to a paper towel. Just enough to wet the paper towel a little. We don't want it drenched. This will allow the color to stick to the egg better. 
Wrap your egg int he napkin and allow the left overs to hang from egg. There is NO real trick to this. You just want it to be crinkled. The more the paper towel is crinkled the better. 
Start applying the color to the paper towel. You don't have to drench it but you want a decent amount on the towel. 
Let the dye sit for about 2 hours then take the paper towel off. 
Are you flipping out at how pretty they are? BTW: I boiled my eggs before I did this so we can put them in our BELLYYYYY! Yummy salads!
If you are going somewhere for Easter, you can put them back in the box they came in. How fun. Can you imagine opening a box and getting these. I would be so excited. 
I hope you enjoyed this FUN tutorial. Make sure to have fun making your Tie-Dyed Eggs!
 Huge glittery hugs, JADE
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Easy Glittered Flower Bouquet

I've got to be honest. I feel kind of like a cheat for sharing this as a big tutorial. And the thing is, I totally wasn't going to. This is something I did for myself. But I had so many people say "how did you do that?" that I figured it would make a great tutorial :) So today I'm sharing one of my favorite ways to fancy up my home and centerpieces when I have guests coming over.

For this project you will need:
Fresh flowers (but faux will last forever!)
Since neon is such a big thing right now I new that I needed the neon bunch I spied at my grocery store. Be warned if using a glass jar, however, that the color will leech back out of the stems and into the water, which can be ugly in a clear vase. See how my water is turning pink? And this was within minutes of adding the stems to my mason jar.
First things first, go through your Tulip fashion glitter and pick out the glitters that go best with your colors of flowers. I didn't have an orange that was light enough, so I mixed gold and orange and I was quite happy with that.
Add the glitter to some decoupage one a piece of scrap paper. Mix it well. The heavier the glitter in the mixture, the heavier it will appear on the petals BUT if it gets too chunky then it just looks like, well, chunks of glitter on your petals and it ain't pretty.
Use a soft,small bristled brush to paint the glitter on. I like to go all around the petals all around the center and then paint random petals out from there.
As the decoupage dries all that will be left is the glitter!
I've found that the some glues are just too heavy and that decoupage is perfect!
And with how fine Tulip Fashion glitter is, it's the perfect amount of sparkle!
From a distance, the difference isn't smack you in the face obvious. But everyone always goes over to inspect when they get a hint that these flowers are different.
I hope that this incredibly simple tutorial will help to make your home sparkly and ready for any guests you might want to impress!
And a big thanks for checking out my post here at iLoveToCreate! If you like what I'm putting down, head on over to my blog Dream a Little Bigger to see some more DIY projects!

Polkadots and Neon - A Fun Jewelry DIY

My first crafty love is jewelry. It has been a long time since I have made in. Sometimes when you love something you have to set it free and then see if it comes back to you, blah blah blah. Whatever the reason I just had jewelry burnout. Lately I have been getting the itch to whip up some wearable magic. Enter wooden beads and my new favorite craft supply - Puffy Paint Writers.

– Puffy Paint Writers
– Wooden Beads
– Skewers, paint brushes or pens
– Jewelry-making supplies
What design you paint on your beads is totally up to you. I love neons and neutrals so I decided to go that route. You can never go wrong with polka dots as a design.
Paint your beads on a skewer or stick of some sort. Stick the pen or paintbrush into foam to allow the paint to dry.
Using your new beads layout some possible design options and get busy.
I love the way the jewelry came out. I feel inspired to polkadot more beads and make even more jewelry!
Feeling inspired? What are you going to add polka dots too?

Three Awesome Crafty Tips from Crafty Chica

Did you know I have a series on the iLoveToCreate youtube channel? It's called "Quick Tips" and it's where I offer a variety of tips from our design studio to help make your crafty life easier! I thought I'd share three today!
NOTE: If you have a crafty problem you need solved, leave it in the comments and, if feasible, I'll make a Quick Tip video with the solution!

1. Storing paint. This is a biggie for me. Craft design is my full-time job and with weekly deadlines, I need to stay organized. Therefore, I store all my paints upside down by color. When I'm done with a project, I make sure to return them the same way in the box. It saves time and money too, because I know when I need to buy new paints. I'm not buying the same color over and over!
2. Freezer paper! Oh my gosh, I use it for everything! Did you know you can iron it to fabric? It works great as a stabilizer inside a shirt when you are going to paint or color with markers. You can also use it to cut a stencil too. I also use the shiny side to make Puffy Paint designs!
3. Flat back crystals. No matter how you choose to apply them, there is always the same dilemma - getting them right side up! Here is a fool-proof way to do that quick and easy. And all you need is a paper plate!
Well, I hope you liked my three tips! Let me know what crafty problems you need to have solved and I may do a video on them too!

Kiss Me Sweatshirt DIY

I have made so many Heart sweatshirts using glitter, paint, iron on glitter sheets. I wanted something just a little different to wear on Valentine's Day and beyond.  I was traveling though Pinterest and saw a Lip Sweatshirt and I thought it would be a perfect project for 
Valentine's Day.<3

Things you Need
Lip Stencil
X-acto knife
Clear Contact paper.
Cut off your collar.
Trace out a stencil of lips.
Cover the paper with clear contact paper.
Cut it out using your x-acto knife
 Place the stencil on your sweat shirt,
using your Tulip Markers draw around the stencil,
working from the outside edge toward the inside. 
Make the edges a little darker, that will give you a 3D effect.
 Remove your stencil and repeat all over your sweatshirt.

Wait 48 hours and then you can wash in cold water, I would hang dry.
Wear with your favorite jeans and heels.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, 
and a kissable Valentine's Day.

Lots of <3,

For more Sweatshirt and other DIY's

30 Cool Craft Techniques Youll Wanna Try

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19. Make a Dish from a Doily 
20. How to make your own stamp from an eraser
21. Create a striped tee using tape and Fabric Spray
22. Make a giant stencil from a portrait photo

23. Do an iKat design using Tie Dye
24. Scrunch Tie Dye Technique
25. Make rolled flowers from t-shirt scraps
26. Create a herringbone pattern with masking tape
27. Use Puffy Paint to make a necklace
28. Create cool t-shirt designs with kids using freezer paper

29. Make your own Rainbow Hair Extensions using dye
30. Make a silhouette from a photo

Which one of these techniques are you thinking about trying?