Picture of Color Eruption Vases

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Color Eruption Vases

Whether you’re stocking them with fresh spring blooms or displaying them on their own, these eye-catching vases are perfect for adding vibrant color and personality to any space! Layer drips of Puffy® Paint for ultra cool effects.



1. Wash and dry the bottles. Cover work area with wax paper.

2. Choose four colors in the color same family such as dark red, red, orange and yellow.

3. Take the darkest color and squeeze a generous amount around the bottle, about a third of the way up from the bottom of the bottle.

4. Repeat with the next color, about ½” above the first color. Note: You want to squeeze enough paint around the bottle to get a “dripping” effect.

5. Continue until you’ve layered all the colors.

6. Add black or white dots around the top ridge of bottle. Let dry completely.

7. Repeat with other color schemes on other bottles.

Variations: Use black and white and a little bit of color between the layers. You can also add the paint inside the bottle for a marbled look.


  • Glass bottles
  • Wax paper

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