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Dreaming in Color Tie-Dye Bedding

This dream-come-true bed set pops with color and retro style to give a bedroom a boost of personality. Make it your own colorful retreat by adding a monogram to the pillowcases using the Tulip® ScreenIt™!



1. Wash sheet set without fabric softener and do not dry.

2. Cover work surface with plastic table cover. Lay out damp sheets on prepared work surface.

3. Scrunch together each sheet and use zip ties to tightly bind in desired pattern. Repeat with pillowcases.

4. Mix dye colors as directed in package instructions.

5. Apply colors to bound sheets and pillowcases in desired order. Let set 6-8 hours.

6. Rinse sheets/pillowcases under cold water until water runs clear. Wash sheets and pillowcases according to dye kit instructions. Remove zip ties and dry in dryer.

7. Follow directions from ScreenIt™ for burning monogram image to screen.

8. Once the screen is ready to use, slip pillowcase onto the foam base of the ScreenIt™ machine. Position screen onto tee and set in place.

9. Using squeegee provided with ScreenIt™, apply enclosed Black Tulip® Soft® paint as desired to pillowcases.

10. Repeat with second pillowcase.

11. Remove screen and wash screen immediately.

12. Let pillowcases dry.


  • Zip ties
  • Printed monogram
  • Plastic tablecloth
  • White sheet set - 100% cotton
  • Washing machine/dryer


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