Picture of Floating Hearts Tie-Dye T-shirt

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Floating Hearts Tie-Dye T-shirt

Amaze your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with a tie-dyed tee that’s full of heart. Follow the simple instructions to create these floating hearts using the Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Good Vibrations.



1. Prewash shirt without fabric softener and leave damp. Cover work surface with plastic table cover. Lay out damp tee flat on covered work surface.

2. Fold shirt in half lengthwise, smoothing out all creases.

3. Use washable marker to draw three half-heart shapes along centerfold.

4. Starting at bottom of first half heart shape, make small pleats along marker line, drawing the fabric folds into a straight line so that the marked tops of the pleats form a straight line. Secure with a zip tie. 

5. Secure a second zip tie approximately 1” outside first zip tie. Secure a third zip tie approximately 2” outside second tie.

6. Repeat above step with remaining half-heart shapes.

7. Place pastry rack on protected work surface and lay tied shirt on pastry rack.

8. Mix dyes according to package instructions.

9. Apply Purple dye to first tied section of shirt, keeping dye away from second zip tie. Repeat on first section of other tied hearts.

10. Apply Red dye to third tied section of each heart, skipping second small tied section.

11. Apply Fuchsia dye to remaining body of shirt.

12. Cover dyed shirt with plastic table cover and allow to set for 6-8 hours.

13. Rinse shirt under cool running water to remove excess dye. Remove zip ties.

14. Wash and dry shirt according to dye package instructions.



  • Zip ties
  • White 100% Cotton T-shirt
  • Large pastry cooling rack
  • Disposable plastic table cover
  • Washable marker

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