Gerber® ONESIES® Baby Shower Station With Tulip Fabric Markers


Picture of Gerber® ONESIES® Baby Shower Station With Tulip Fabric Markers

Hello guys! Kara Woolery here from Lillian Hope Designs! I am so excited to share this fabulous Rainbow Baby Shower idea. I am going to show you a super easy Gerber® ONESIES® Decorating Station; using Tulip Fabric Markers. Did I mention I also created a few other fabulous FREE Rainbow Printables to help you decorate?!?!  Click Here To Download all the FREE Printables featured in this post! They are linked at the bottom of this post if you want to individually download the printables. Check out the matching Dessert Table Post located on my Lillian Hope Blog.

I used a 6ft folding plastic table and a white table linen from a supercenter store. This FREE Printable Baby Banner is easy to assemble using a hole punch and twine.

To display my Tulip Fabric Markers; I placed them in clear mason jars so guest could easily see what colors they wanted to use. I attached a large lollipop stick to each side of the FREE Printable Rainbow Cut Out and slid the Rainbow into the jars!

The FREE Printable Tent Cards make it easy to label items on the ONESIES® Decorating Table.

HINT - You can use mini felt balls as confetti to add in a few more pops of color.

I made a Diaper Cake and wrapped it with bright glitter ribbon to create a fun centerpiece for the table. I used white shredded paper in between each layer to hide the diapers.

I scattered the Decorating Templates out in the center of the table to make them visible for guest to pick their favorite design.

Be sure to iron the ONESIES® before guest arrive so they are easier to decorate with the Tulip Fabric Markers.

It is easiest to decorate the ONESIES® with the Tulip Fabric Markers on a hard surface. I used a foam board and cut it in half to create two decorating stations. I then outlined the foam boards with some left over ribbon and hot glue.

You can use the FREE Printable 4x6 Directions to help guest know what steps to take.  I highly recommend using the thick brush tip Tulip Fabric Markers for outlining and filling in on most templates. The thinner markers are great for making polka dots on your ONESIES®.

STEP 1 - Pick out your template. Unsnap the bottom of the ONESIES® to slide your template in.

STEP 2 - Once you have gotten your template inside the ONESIES® position it to where you think it looks best.

STEP 3 - Pick out your Tulip Fabric Marker colors. Again I highly recommend using the thicker brush tip Tulip Fabric Markers for the outlining and coloring in. The thinner markers are great for polka dots.

STEP 4 - Slowly outline your template. Pull the ONESIES® tight when needed. After you have finished outlining you can now begin to color in your design. Do NOT remove the template or your Tulip Fabric Markers will bleed through to the other side of the ONESIE®.

STEP 5 - You now have your finished custom ONESIES® and you can hang it to dry!

I used two small tacks and twine for my Gerber® ONESIES® clothes line.

Click HERE to download all the files for this table!

Circle Garland - Tutus and Bowties (hyperlinked in - )

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