Egyptian Relic Lesson Plan

In this lesson we are going to look at examples of Egyptian art and recreate a relic of our own. Your relics will use hieroglyphs and you will carve out your design using a piece of clay that will end up looking like an excavated piece of history. Ancient Egyptians had one of the most interesting forms of art. Developed in the time of the ancient pyramids, this art form not only was beautiful but it told the story of the people and time period using hieroglyphs, or pictures that stand for words. These pictures were odd because they painted and sculpted people flat or in two dimensions. You can only see one side but the figures seem to be moving around. The artwork was often times sculpted into stone or painted on reed grass paper called papyrus. The most exciting part about this artwork is that it had to be dug up or excavated. This makes the artwork a relic or something from the past that has value. Your relic will have an authentic flair when you use the hieroglyphs you study about and remember, make it look like you dug it up from an anthropological dig.
Complete Lesson Plan Egyptian Relic Lesson Plan (PDF)