Time Capsule Box & Tin

Encourage students to think about their lesson long after class has finished. Have them decorate a tin using the theme of the lesson topic – a person, place or event – then have them gather small items that relate to the topic to place in their “time capsule.” This lesson teaches students to look for art in everyday life, and encourages them to connect the past with the present in a tangible form. They can then return to the classroom and share their discoveries. Educational Objectives This lesson provides opportunities for students to: • Learn new visual art vocabulary and use it in the course of the project • Generate multiple designs with the use of color and collage techniques • Use multiple instructions to produce a hands-on project • Understand and apply media, techniques and processes • Use visual arts in relation to various courses of study • Reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their own work and the work of others • Make connections between visual arts and other disciplines • Introduce elements of the lesson topic and translate it into visual form • Apply the details of the lesson topic to everyday life
Complete Lesson Plan Time Capsule Box & Tin (PDF)