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Nothing says "I'm ready for summer" like a bright orange tote! Shopping at the farmer's market, taking a stroll through town, heading out on a road trip - a bold orange bag is perfect for all of these adventures! Make it extra sweet with stripes ... Wait, did we say "make it"? Of course we did! It's super easy with Tulip® ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and masking tape. Check it out! 

What you need:

- White tote bag
- Masking tape
- Freezer paper or paper towels
- Plastic tablecloth

This technique is really as easy as it looks. Make sure your tote bag is clean and wrinkle free, then run strips of tape across your bag in whatever fashion your heart desires; press along all edges to seal. Then spray a light coat of color over the bag and let it dry for a few minutes. Add additional light coats until you are happy with the color coverage, then let dry and remove the strips of tape. Tip: Applying several light coats of color versus one heavy coat helps prevent color from bleeding under the tape.

So much orangey amazingness!

Props to our super fun model Amber of Damask Love! You can follow her on Instagram here.

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Published Date

February 18, 2016