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Pretty Pleats Tie-Dye Tee

If your style is nice and neat, you’ll love tie-dye pleats! Accordion folds and rubber bands make for pretty pleated effects.



1. Prewash T-shirt; do not use fabric softener.

2. Cover work surface with a plastic tablecloth and place damp shirt flat on prepared work surface.

3. Starting on the left side of shirt, fold shirt into accordion pleats all the way over to the right side, then wrap rubber bands around shirt about every 3” to secure.

4. Wearing plastic gloves from kit, add water to all dye bottles and shake until thoroughly mixed.

5. Squeeze Lime dye onto the top section of shirt, Blue onto the middle and Violet onto the remainder.

6. Cover shirt with plastic tablecloth and let set 6-8 hours or longer for most intense colors.

7. Rinse thoroughly in warm running water until runoff is clear, leaving rubber bands intact, then wash in a large load of hottest water suitable for fabric and a small amount of laundry soap. Remove rubber bands and dry separately.


  • White T-shirt – 100% cotton
  • Plastic tablecloth


  • Tulip Tie-Dye Folding Technique

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